14 Reasons to Make Kale Smoothie Recipes

1. They’re easy
No sauteeing, no waiting for water to boil, no toasting until just right, etc. What’s easier than throwing a few ingredients into a blender and hitting a button? Absolutely nothing! I love and advise making kale smoothies primarily because it’s simply impossible to argue with their ease of creation.

2. They’re inexpensive
When I go to the grocery store, I am always impressed and amazed by the fact that kale is one of the cheapest things there. Usually priced between $1-$2 for a group of around 15 gigantic leaves, there is just not a better deal than this out there.

3. They’re customizable, so you never get bored
Every morning when I make a kale smoothie, I just don’t want to repeat myself. Also, I am fascinated by flavor combinations. Put those two things together, and you get a breakfast treat with infinite variations.

4. They’re light, and don’t weigh you down
What’s the last thing in the world you want after you eat breakfast? That’s a rhetorical question, so I will answer it for you: to feel weighed-down! You’ve just had a great night’s sleep, you’re raring to get started with your day, and you eat a sausage on a stick wrapped in chocolate chip pancake batter? I don’t think so. I just won’t allow it.

Look at how bad that makes you feel afterward! All greasy and grody and guilty… No, thanks. When you start to take care of your body, you begin to feel more in tune with it. And when you feel in tune with what’s happening in there, you start to want to give it the correct fuel. Then you discover kale smoothies, and you realize that your breakfast doesn’t have to be heavy to be substantial.

5. Completely fresh – No preservatives or chemicals
Fresh ingredients, in any meal, are really key to your feeling good. When you eat things that are pre-packaged, they typically need to be able to survive a long truck trip from the place of manufacture to the store where you buy them, and that means preservatives and chemicals will be included. A leaf of kale knows not what a preservative is. Go ahead, ask it, I’ll wait.


6. They take care of your veggies for the day
This is one of my favorite reasons. Let’s say you aren’t a kale breakfast smoothie drinker yet. You’re at work, your friends want to go to lunch. They’re like, “Let’s go to that greasy spoon where we can get some pizza and burgers!” and you meekly say, “ahem… do they have salads?”

Over the din of your coworkers’ derisive laughter, you think, “man, if only I drank awesome kale smoothies every morning, I wouldn’t have to worry about whether or not I was getting a correct amount of vegetables in my diet the rest of the day, because I’d be covered already!”

7. They cleanse you, daily
A lot of people are into periodically doing a cleanse. This often involves fasting for a period of days – or even weeks – combined with drinking only water, or some heinous mixture of cayenne pepper-flavored lemon water with chunks of clay floating in it, just for example. If you drink kale smoothies every day, however, you are already cleansing your intestinal tract daily with wonderful leafy greens, so you don’t have to interrupt your life with lengthy endeavors such as this.

8. The human body likes digesting plants
You don’t have to be some weird vegan (all due respect to weird vegans) to appreciate the benefits of integrating some plants into your foodstream. Believe it or not, you probably already eat plants, all the time! You just ALSO eat too much meat and processed food in addition to them, and maybe it’s time to cut some of that out, because feeling better feels good. So eat some plants!

9. Blending the ingredients begins the digestion process, like chewing
When you take a bite of food – any food – you chew it. In addition to your teeth grinding and crushing the food into smaller bits, the enzymes in your saliva are acting on the food, beginning to break it down for what’s about to go down in your stomach. If you don’t chew your food well enough, and you swallow it before it’s been broken down properly, it can cause gas, discomfort, and numerous potential digestive problems later. When you drink a kale smoothie, however, much of the “chewing” has already been done for you, and oftentimes your blender will “chew” the ingredients in your smoothie better than you ever could!

Therefore, when the fresh, healthy ingredients in your smoothie get to your stomach, you are getting the maximum benefit from them, because all their fibrous little cell walls have been broken down to itty bitty bits, allowing your digestive fluids to go crazy on them.

10. They’re delicious!
I know, I know. Kale tastes nasty. But no it doesn’t. See the thing is, kale has a reputation for being bitter, because people often include the stem when they eat it or use it in recipes. It is my personal opinion that if you simply remove the stem, you open up a whole world of flavor because you’re removing the main source of kale’s bitterness.

When you combine other ingredients with kale – especially the vibrant, tangy flavors of fruits and fruit juices, etc – it becomes very easy to mask the flavor of the kale.

11. Sense of accomplishment
You built that! You made that delicious, energizing concoction, right there in your kitchen, without committing too much effort! That’s one undeniable thing about making a kale smoothie, is that you feel smart, capable and responsible afterwards.

12. You can be creative
Kale is just the first item on the ingredients list of a kale smoothie recipe. What happens next is up to you! There are SO MANY, distinctly-different types of flavor profiles possible with a kale smoothie, the mind just boggles. You can do tart and tangy, sweet and creamy, nutty and subtle, play with texture, color, presentation… Trust me, your inner (or outer) artist will be feeling very creatively satisfied.

13. It’s a meal replacement
Smoothies aren’t just for dessert. They are straight-up, legitimate replacements for meals. In fact, breakfast isn’t the only meal you could replace! In fact in fact, kale smoothies I’m pretty sure would do better than that meal you were planning to eat, on nutritional value alone.

14. It’s not some stupid diet
OMG, diets. People are always talking about this diet or that. “I tried that diet, but it was gross,” or, “I tried that diet, but couldn’t stick to it.” Kale smoothies aren’t here to displace your entire diet, they’re more like a cool new accessory for your diet, which is actually going to bring insight to you, about how you could tighten up the rest of your diet.

Hey, if you enjoyed any of the information in this post, please pass it along, or tell me what you thought of it in the comments below. All comments welcome, even if you’re a hateful spambot. Just trying to justify my existence, here.


48 thoughts on “14 Reasons to Make Kale Smoothie Recipes

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  2. Just made this in my hotel room kitchen! Made for a perefct post-run recovery drink. The peanut butter and banana alone didn’t blend for me so I added a half cup of skim milk (how did your smoothie turn out so liquidy with no dairy?). The addition of spinach was brilliant didn’t taste it at all (not that I mind its taste). Will definitely be making this one again and again. Thanks Alia!

  3. In my search for kale smoothie recipes, I was delighted to just discover your site, wholly dedicated to KALE SMOOTHIES! Thank you! Nutritious plant-based meals will now become quicker and easier so I can get on with the other activities of life!

    • Hey Pam,

      Thanks for your lovely comment. I’m super happy to be a destination in your kale smoothie recipe quest!


  4. Sarah on

    Jumping on the kale smoothie bandwagon today and came across your site! Thank you I’ll be referring to this site time and again!

  5. Michael on

    I’m new to smoothies and like to experiment, and your website has got me really excited. I am curious about your take on food combining. Meaning only combining certain foods to avoid digestive problems. Or when you read about only eating certain things with other things to be able to absorb their nutrients ‘properly’.

    • Hi Michael,

      I’m not a nutrition expert, but I am an enthusiast and when I learn something I will be glad to share it.

      take care,

  6. Evelyn on

    Hooray for kale!!! Our CSA box has a huge amount of kale in it every week, and I’ve been needing some inspiration for using it all up. We just tried the Mint Blueberry Kale recipe and LOVED it! Thanks for all the great ideas. I’ll be referring to your site often!

    • Hey Evelyn,

      Yes, hooray indeed! I am very glad my recipes are making you happy. You are very welcome, I love to help.


  7. Melani Morris on

    Paul, I just now made my first ever kale smoothie, thanks to your website. I didn’t have apple juice, so I used apple sauce, and used the pineapple juice for liquid. I have to say that I am very pleasantly surprised at how delicious this is. The fresh ginger sure gives it a zesty snap! And the knowledge of how healthy it is makes it that much more yummy! I loved your article “14 reasons to make kale smoothies.” Very inspirational. And your writing style is so witty – I was laughing out loud. Thanks so much for this website!

    • Hi Melani,

      Thank you so much for your kind words! I agree, ginger is where it’s at. It’s a challenge to come up with recipes that don’t rely on its crisp, refreshing edge.

      Ooh, I’ll bet apple sauce and pineapple juice was a nice combo. Nice to hear from you!


  8. Brittney on

    I just came across this site and I LOVE IT!

    Yesterday, I started… and finished my Dr. Oz 3 day juice cleanse. I thought I could do it. I just chugged water every time I felt hungry – still hangry (anger caused by hunger) after the dinner smoothie. So, like any reasonable person, I ate a bowl of spaghetti and it never tasted so good!

    I absolutely love this site! I can’t fast. I may live in LA, but I’m from the midwest and I’ve very athletic – my body needs fuel! ANNNND it looks like you have the art of blending a nice smoothie down to a science – my lunch yesterday was celery mush. It was horrible.

    Love the videos, love the site. You rock. That’s all.

    • Brittney,

      Thanks for the lovely compliments! Yes, I agree that starving oneself is never the way to go; it just doesn’t feel natural to deprive your body of (even healthy) fuel.

      I’m no scientist, so there might be something to fasting that I don’t understand, but as far as I can tell it just makes you hangry.

      Baby steps. Slowly and consistently – one healthy smoothie at a time – is the best way to transition to a healthier diet, in my opinion. Thanks for watching!


  9. Melissa on

    I googled “kale shakes” and found this site. I am really interested in trying some of these recipes! Quick question – should you drink the shake immediately after making it, or can it sit in the fridge overnight?

    • Hey Melissa,

      My advice is to always drink it immediately after making it. Fresher is better!

      However if you make too much to drink at once, it will definitely keep in the fridge overnight. I do it all the time. Then when you wake up the next day, you’re like, “awesome, I don’t have to make a smoothie because it’s already made!”


  10. Clara Freeman on

    Hi, two questions–
    Does it matter if I drink a kale smoothie in the evening or the morning?
    Do you have a FB page?

    • Hi Clara,

      Whether you drink a kale smoothie in the morning or evening only matters to the degree which you are wanting to energize yourself for the day. If you drink it at night it’s not going to do any harm, but its potential for steadily releasing nutrients into your system throughout the day is going to be reduced, because there will be no day ahead of you, only sleep. But I’m all for drinking them whenever the urge strikes you!

      I used to have a Facebook page, but found that this site was sufficient for posting and communicating with readers, so I deactivated it. Do you think I should start it back up again?


  11. MaryEdna on

    My first day of making a kale smoothie…at this point I am going to “throw in” what is in the house: a few blueberries, a couple of slices of a banana, and perhaps a touch of honey.

    I do look forward to making your kale smoothies. Well, here’s to good health and hoping my first smoothie is tasty.

    • Hi MaryEdna,

      Was your first smoothie tasty? I’ll bet it was! I’m a firm believer in using what just happens to be around in the kitchen, because chances are you will find some great combination. And in finding that, it will make you feel resourceful and empowered, which is always good. Keep experimenting, and let me know if you happen upon anything particularly good!


      ps: I found a book I recommend which espouses this very theory of kitchen resourcefulness – for economy and kitchen confidence – called So Easy, by Ellie Krieger. Very inspiring!

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  13. Patty Leija on

    Very good information! We always use kale as a basic ingredient in our smoothies. Yummy! With all the fruit and nuts and coconut and flax oil and sometimes an avacado you can’t even taste the kale! Try it!

    • Hi Patty,

      Thanks, glad you like the info! Yes, kale is a wonderful thing to add to smoothies, and the taste is indetectable, especially if you de-stem it first!


  14. Amanda on

    Hey Paul!
    Just came across your amazing and extremely helpful website on my search for kale smoothies and just wanted to tell you I love it and am now fully on the kale smoothie bandwagon 🙂 cannot wait to try that chocolate kale smoothie you posted! Keep up with the amazing work!!

    • Hey Amanda,

      Thanks for the kind words! I really enjoy working on the site, and am now getting back to it after a bit of a lull in the action. Please let me know what you thought of the chocolate one!


  15. Love your 14 Reasons To Make Kale Smoothies!!! I will be trying your recipes soon. After having 3 kids in the last 4 years I am in dire need of some healthy energy!!!!! Keep up the good work;-)

    • Hey Sonja,

      Thanks for the kind words! I love writing, talking, thinking about and making kale smoothies. And yes, they are great for healthy energy. Thanks for reading!


  16. Jan Orr on

    I’m so glad I found this website! I made my first one it was wonderful. I have a problem eating fruits and veggies. I live a fast pace life. But that was great. I understand it will help with my weight loss as well!!

    • Hi Jan,

      Eating more fruits and vegetables is indeed always a good thing, and putting them in a blended smoothie is definitely a great way for those of us with little extra time to get them into our body FAST. Thank you for the nice comments!


  17. Nicole on

    Hi Paul,
    I just started exploring the idea of kale smoothies for my 3 year old and 16 month old boys. I found your site and am super excited to get started! I’m hoping that I can get them (and me) to actually drink and enjoy the smoothies because they (and I) do not eat anywhere near enough leafy green vegetables. My question for you is: do you have a kid-friendly kale recipe that isn’t overly sugary? We try to stay low-carb (for a healthy lifestyle), so I’m trying to avoid super sugary fruits and all juices. Does any recipe come to mind? I’m going to try the basic kale smoothie recipe and reduce the amount of pineapple by a lot, but I’m wondering if you have any others that you’d recommend? Thanks!

    • Hi Nicole,

      I don’t have kids, but all my readers who do seem to find that kale smoothies are a great way to con them into eating healthy things. 🙂

      All my recipes are reasonably sweet – presuming that’s what most kids would respond to? – and none have any processed sugar, just natural sugars from fruits.

      It’s funny you mention this because just the other day I talked to a nutritionist who suggested I start trying to substitute water for apple juice, and add more protein to my smoothies, so that they would have less sugar and more muscle-building protein in them, so I’ve started doing that. Not as sweet, but there are natural sweeteners out there like Stevia that one could use… I”m going to experiment and make a video about it soon. stay tuned!


      • Jennifer on

        Hi Paul

        Thanks for the great site! I’m just getting started and purchased a vitamix!

        Did you finish your experiments with the less juice, more protein smoothies? I’d love to watch it!

        Thanks again and keep up the great blog!

        • Hi Jennifer,

          My experimentation is never finished!! Seriously, I have definitely leaned toward the less juice/more protein of late, in large part because people I trust (nutritionist, trainer) are telling me that apple juice has too much sugar and that protein helps you stay fuller longer, as well as build muscle, and those concepts are all in alignment with what I want to do. So now that my full-time job the last 8 months is coming to a close, I intend to start making videos featuring less sugar and more protein in general. That doesn’t mean I don’t still love the old recipes; rather that my future recipes will be EVEN BETTER for you!

          Thanks for writing!


  18. Nicole on

    Thanks Paul! I’ve used your recipes as a springboard and have come up with a bunch of my own concoctions that seem super healthy and are pretty tasty!

    • hey Nicole,

      Thanks for writing, that makes me super happy to hear! As long as you don’t add any extra or artificial sugars or preservatives, your smoothies will definitely indeed be healthy. Good going, and thanks for writing.


  19. Kathryn on

    I love smoothies in the morning. Because I have a lactose problem, I use green tea (sometimes steeped with fresh mint from my garden) as a base. I’ve also been adding a half cup of cooked quinoa for protein. You almost can’t even taste it’s there. I planted kale in my fall garden just so I would have a fresh, organic supply for morning smoothiesl I’m excited to check out some of your other recipes.

    • Hi Kathryn,

      Ooh, tea with fresh mint, that sounds really good – I might try that too! And I have recently discovered the benefits of adding more protein to my smoothies, but hadn’t thought of quinoa yet – another great idea, thanks!


  20. Bea` Walker on

    I love kale!! I usually buy fresh kale but this time around i bought frozen kale. Whats your take on frozen kale?

    • Hi Bea,

      You know what? I don’t really have a take on frozen kale because I haven’t actually tried it, but I bet I would like it, just because I know I like my smoothies cold. Plus, a couple of other people have left comments about frozen kale, so I feel like it’s something I ought to try, now! Thanks for the suggestion!


  21. Stephanie on

    So, here I am , it’s 4 am and I am thinking of the huge container of baby kale I bought and don’t want it to go bad. So I was thinking to make smoothie or breakfast, I will definitely try the banana orange smoothie…….thanks for the insights

    • Hi Stephanie,

      There are much worse ways to spend moments awake at 4am – I’m glad you chose to turn your thoughts to baby kale. How did your banana orange smoothie turn out?


  22. Carrie on

    Hey! Super stoked to find your site, info as well as your enthusiasm..still trying to uphold the NY resolution ( never too late, right?!) yeah!

    Anywho…. Have read up on the many benefits of kale…..I wonder by you removing the stem to eliminate the “nutty” flavor, how much, if any of the beneficial “stuff” if u will r u taking too? Do you know?

    Thanks for all you do!

    • Hi Carrie,

      Glad you appreciate my wacky site. Yes never too late for NY resolutions!

      Did I really say kale’s stem had a nutty flavor? That’s funny, don’t recall. It sure is bitter, though.

      I’m not super duper sure how much beneficial stuff there is in the stem, but however much it is, it’s not enough to make me include it. 🙂 It really is the night-and-day difference between a smoothie that tastes good, and one that just doesn’t. Also, I’m pretty sure that there are enough good things left in the leaf material that you still get plenty of nutrients.

      Hope that helps!


  23. Patti on

    Would love to pin some of these on my Pinterest boards with other recipes I use regularly for quick access . Will you have a link soon?

    • Hi Patti,

      Thanks for the reminder – I’ve been meaning to go through and put in Pinterest buttons. They are now installed throughout – thanks for writing!


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