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My name is Paul Ahern and I love to make kale smoothies. I do it almost every morning and I feel great. I want to share with you how fit and healthy you can become by just combining a few simple ingredients from the grocery store into a blender, and making a fast, easy breakfast drink that will keep you feeling leveled-out and energized all day.

This is the simplest, most sensible way to get all your fruit and vegetable nutritional requirements, and it tastes really good to boot! No matter who you are or what shape you’re in, starting to make kale smoothies every morning will be a step in the right direction. Come on, it’s fun!

By trade I’m a visual designer who works freelance for various clients – here’s my site – but when I’m not working I have lots of different hobbies. One of them is cooking, and making kale smoothies was a natural extension of that because I enjoy combining flavors and textures so much. Plus, I’ve learned to pay attention to how I feel after I eat or drink things, and it’s made me want to make those things count.

I also love to play music, and I often get together with my musician friends to have informal jams, where we TOTALLY ROCK OUT.

What else do I do? I like gardening, and this past year was my best kale garden yet. I just installed a drip irrigation system in my backyard, and now I don’t have to worry about watering stuff because it’s all automated!

That’s about it. Hope you enjoy my site, and visit my YouTube channel if you like. See you!



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  1. Hi Paul, I was accidently directed to your website, and I’m glad I did, you have tremendous information, I love green smothies and trying to teach my kids also.
    Keep it up with that delicious green smothies recipes that you are sharing. Thank you.

  2. jbrownnolan on

    Simple Kale Smoothie recipe that I have on my lunch hour (I’m able to scoot home from work at lunch). I created this one myself, but I’m sure that someone else has put these together as well. Feel free to try and post it if you like it.

    (We’ll call it the “100 g Kale Smoothie”)

    • 100 g – Frozen Strawberries
    • 100 g – Frozen Blueberries
    • 100 g – Almond Milk
    • 100 g – Fat Free Yogurt (gelatin free of course)
    • 20 g to 50 g – Kale (depending on your preferred amount, and I like to use Baby Kale)
    • 1 Tbsp. – Psyllium Husk
    • 1 Tbsp. – Brown Flax Seeds
    • 1 Cup – Herbal Tea (your fav kind, this doesn’t have to be completely steeped with boiling water, pouring hot tap water over the tea will work fine)
    • Honey or sweetener to taste, but not necessary

    Put all ingredients, except for the Herbal Tea, into a blender. Start-up blender. Poor Herbal Tea into blender, as needed, while the mix is blending until mixture is blending well (depending on how frozen your fruit is will depend on how much tea to pour in, if using fresh, little to no Tea will be needed). Pour into a glass, and enjoy.

    • Hey thanks, jbn!

      I’m gonna try this recipe. I’ve never used tea in a smoothie, that’s a good idea! btw what the heck is Psyllium Husk??


      • Mike on

        Psyllium husk is the material found in some natural laxatives. Metamucil springs to mind. It’s mixed with water or juice to drink and comes in different flavors. I’ve added some to my fruit smoothies in the am just for added fibre (though it’s not like it needs it) but I find that it “helps things along” if you get my meaning. Getting all the fibre from smoothies can be a shock to some digestive tracts but the psyllium can make bowel movements easier.

        • Thanks for the useful info, Mike! I’m usually fine in that respect just from all the fiber in kale and the various fruits and veggies with which I combine it, but I will keep that in mind, if I ever need it!


  3. Hi, Paul! I’m new to the world of smoothies, but my blender arrived today and I am excited to start. You have a lot of great recipes on this site!

    I am not sure if you’ve posted this somewhere already, but I am curious as to your cleaning process for your produce. Do you have any tips or details for those of us who are paranoid about pesticides – water insoluble or otherwise?


    • Hi Ki,

      Congratulations upon entering the world of smoothies! Glad you got a blender and are excited to start! Thanks for the kind words about my recipes; I work hard to make them good.

      I did in fact post an article about how to wash kale, but it was organic kale that I was washing, so there weren’t any pesticides to remove. If you’re currently using kale on which pesticides were used, I would advise either A. growing your own, or B. buying organic instead. If neither of these options is available to you, then I would advise using some kind of mild, organic vegetable spray, like maybe Veggie Wash, which I used to use when I bought fewer organic veggies, and more factory-farmed things. It has no smell and really works to take that waxy feel off of any fruit or veggies you buy in the store. I used to buy it at my local grocery store, but it looks like you can get it at Amazon, here: Citrus Magic, Fruit & Veggie Wash, 16 oz

      Thanks for checkin in, and lemme know how your smoothie-making goes!


  4. Ashley on

    I love your blog Paul! I was at a local farmers market and ran across some beautiful dragon fruit. They are a delicious super food. I thought they would be great in my morning kale smoothies. I thought I would share my delicious experiment. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

    1 Dragon Fruit (I use the pink)
    1 Frozen Banana
    1 cup Frozen Strawberries
    1/2 -1 cup Apple Juice
    2 Kale Leaves

    • Hey Ashley,

      That sounds really good – I’m actually not that familiar with what dragon fruit tastes like, is it akin to strawberry or no? I will have to seek one out and try it!

      Thanks for stopping by!


  5. LOVE your site! I featured a few of your AMAZING recipes in my Kale Smoothie post today and made sure to direct the traffic to your site, but I just wanted to say thank you for the great recipes I can’t wait to try that chocolate milkshake kale recipe!

    • Hi Kate,

      You are quite welcome, and thank you for the exposure! The chocolate milkshake kale recipe is indeed quite delicious, i’m excited for you to try it!


  6. It’s nice to find another fellow kale smoothie lover! I’m partial to the general banana/kale smoothie but I’ve added things like apples, mango, pear(AWESOMENESS) and oranges… I’ve also added chia, hemp hearts, bee pollen and quinoa to my smoothies for added bonuses 🙂 Happy Blending to you!

    • Pears are the bomb, agreed. Hard to find them delicious and perfectly ripe, but when you do, go for it!

      Ooh, I’ve never heard of hemp hearts – do tell! What a list of awesome crazy ingredients, thank you for the inspiration!

    • Is there a way to see all your recipes in a list view? Are all the recipes showing up on the front page or are there more somewhere?

      • Hi Dawn,

        Hmm, interesting question. I’ll look into that, I’m not sure. I’ve put this on my list of things to do for the site. Thank you very much for your input!


  7. Hi Paul…your blog/site has been great/influential as I stick my foot in the Kale Smoothie waters, so to speak. I am kinda naive about some of the products you’re using. The most challenging to date is that of your shaker full of what appears to be LIQUID “coconut oil” (i.e., Beet/Blueberry Smoothie recipe). I can’t find it in that form at all. In fact, I asked somebody random that wandered up the aisle in the grocery where was I was pondering the solid coconut oils. It just so happens she went to culinary school and had no idea herself. Now, we seemed to be in agreement that it could be heated up to liquid form but would probably return to solid state once it cooled. I am perplexed and could use some guidance. Thanks.

    • Tom,

      Hey, thanks for your question. It turns out that coconut oil is usually solid in form until it gets above 60-70 degrees farenheit, at which point it starts to become liquid. I don’t know why this is, but it is. I was using that salad dressing bottle thingy for a while, but then realized it was ridiculously difficult to get room temperature (solid) coconut oil out of it, so now I’ve just reverted back to scooping it out of the container it comes in, with a spoon. Hope that helps!


  8. Carol on

    I have enjoyed trying some of your recipes. Please give some consideration to creating some savory kale smoothie recipes. While the sweet ones are good and easy, often I need to start my day with savory foods. I’ve enjoyed your recipes at various times of the day. I created a new recipe tonight that I’d like to share with you but since one of the ingredients is actually a recipe found in a book, I cannot just print it here. Also, I read that you were going to do an e-book. I am a Proofreader working Very Cheaply in order to build my Cirriculum Vitae. Please contact me off the blog. I’d love to work with you!

    • Hi Carol,

      I have done one or two savory combinations, the joe rogan kale shake with garlic – which is not sweet – and the bloody mary kale smoothie. If you have suggestions for other savory combinations, I’d love to hear ’em! Thanks for writing!


  9. Carol on

    **** 11-30-13 This is my own invention and came about because of lots of left-over Salsa.

    1T fresh ginger, peeled and chopped
    2 mandarin oranges, peeled and sectioned
    1 granny smith apple, cored and rough chopped
    ½ – ¾c cranberry salsa
    2-3 leaves kale
    water or apple juice, if desired

    Blend first 3 ingredients. Add next 2 ingredients and blend smooth. Add liquid, if desired, for preferred consistency.

    • Hi Carol,

      Mmm, I bet that tasted really good. Lots of love to those who make the best of leftover ingredients in the fridge!


  10. Hi!
    I live on a veggie farm and am mostly living off of food from the farm. We have TONS of kale but very little access to fruit. Looking for some good recipes to take the bitter bite out of the kale.

    • Hi Angela,

      Fruits and their natural sugars do indeed help to mitigate kale’s inherent bitterness, but there’s also another secret: de-stemming. I’ve discovered that if you de-stem the kale before you throw it into your smoothies, you will not lose any of its nutritive value, and you will be surprised at how much bitterness you are able to remove. Thanks for the suggestion, though, and I will try to develop some palatable and fruitless recipes. Thanks for writing!


  11. Hi Paul,
    Great site! I’m doing a special feature on kale throughout the month and found your site while looking for a great source of kale smoothie recipes. I hope you don’t mind if I link to your site in an upcoming post. Keep up the great work in raising awareness about the awesome benefits (and flavors) of kale.

    • Hi Julie(‘s list),

      You can absolutely link to my site. Send me the link when you do, won’t you?


    • Hi Marshall,

      You know what, I’m not sure, I haven’t tried it! But my guess is that it would be fine, and in fact would be desirable because it would add a nice coolness to the smoothie. Lemme know how it turns out, won’t you?


    • I froze a bag of kale pieces successfully! I was just cautious that my ziploc freezer bag was large enough so it was not overstuffed. I used it all through last winter as I didn’t make smoothies everyday.

      • Sounds great Carol! Way to think ahead. I recently froze some kale leaves and found it to be a great time-saver. Thanks for writing!


  12. Paul,

    I was never a fan of kale but after watching your videos makes me appreciate kale even more. Thank you for sharing your recipes.


    • Hi Lisi,

      Thanks for expressing the turnabout in your attitude towards kale. As you probably know I only ever knew of it in a savory context, so it was quite a revelation to find out it could work in a sweet drink! Thanks for writing!


  13. Hi there

    I have a website related to healthy eating, nutrition and fitness and I

    am interested in buying a link on your site.

    Are you interested in something like this?

    If so, please let me know your price, etc

    By the way, nice site! 🙂

    Hope to hear from you.


    • Hi Ellen,

      Thanks for the kind words. But no thanks on the link buying. Very nice of you to ask, but I haven’t done anything like that before, so I don’t think I’ll start now. Thanks for writing!


    • Hi David,

      Awesome, that is exactly the reaction I want people to have! Thanks for visiting and I hope you return.


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    • Hi Marge,

      Thanks for the kind words. Green smoothies are great, I agree!

      Thanks also for the link to the study. It was a little difficult to get through all the scientific jargon, but it is interesting to note specifically that they concluded that drinking pureed fruit and vegetable drinks resulted in A. the antioxidant capacity in subjects’ blood increased significantly, B. There were significantly lower glucose and insulin peaks after ingestion, and C. increased vitamin c and total nitrate/nitrite concentrations. Fruit and vegetables smoothies are indeed worth it. Thanks again!


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