Aloe Vera Kale Smoothie

Howdy! The Aloe Vera plant is known for its health benefits and healing properties, not its taste. Alone it tastes like watermelon rind – blank and vaguely tangy. But if you add some lemon, pineapple, banana, apple juice and ginger, you have the makings of a zesty and delicious kale breakfast smoothie!

Aloe Vera Kale Smoothie
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Recipe type: smoothie
Cuisine: breakfast
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Serves: 1
Combine zesty fruit flavors with aloe vera's mellow taste to make a tangy breakfast smoothie!
  • 1 leaf aloe vera, skinned
  • juice of 1 lemon
  • 1 banana
  • 1 thumb fresh ginger
  • 1 cup frozen pineapple chunks
  • ½ cup apple juice
  • 3 leaves kale
  1. remove skin from aloe vera leaf.
  2. combine ingredients in blender and blend.
  3. serve immediately and enjoy!



Hey there! Today I’m gonna show you how to make an aloe vera kale smoothie.

Ingredients run-through here is uh, apple juice, fresh juice of lemon, one banana, a thumb of ginger, some frozen pineapple chunks, kale (of course), and fresh aloe vera, clipped from the garden. The kale was freshly-clipped from the garden as well.

So – let’s get to the most effort-intensive part of this thing, which is getting the meat out of the aloe vera leaf. It’s not super easy, but here’s a method that I’ve devised.

What you’ve got is a bunch of pointy, sticky stickers on the outside which are very painful to your fingers. What you wanna do is just take those off with a knife. Just run it along the outside edge, there, and they come right off.

The good news is aloe vera is super easy to cut through. Very little resistance.

Ok, so we got all the pointy parts off. Now, here comes the slightly challenging bit, which requires a little bit of knife skills technology. What you’re gonna do is put your knife flat on the table, and then just run the aloe vera past it.

The idea is to place the knife flat so that it’s holding down the skin to the cutting board, from the inside. Got it? Alright.

So you wanna put it just a millimeter above the skin, and then push it through, like that. You’re not gonna get all of it, but you’ll get most of it. See? And we’re exposing the super slimy inside…

Now we’re gonna hit the other side of it, and get the bulk of the other side of the skin off of the gel inside, by doing this. Be careful. Watch your fingertips.

And see, that’s almost all skin! Got all the skin off, really easily. And what we’re left with is a gel-y interior. It’s kind of gross to look at, but it’s super good for your body, so we’re gonna put it in a smoothie and drink it!

Okay so we’re just going to slice off the remainder of this – like so. We’re gonna slice this off, too. Watch your fingers, go SLOW.

So: just gonna take this whole hunk of aloe vera fresh natural gooey gel junk and throw it in the blender. Ready to get blended.

I’m gonna wash off my hands because they’re kinda slimy.

The rest of this is just smooth sailin’. Gonna cut a lemon in half, squeeze the juice up in there… I like to use a strainer so the seeds don’t get in there. Leeemon juice… One more. Lemon juice is gonna make it very zesty and delicious.

Next we’re gonna throw in this banana, like so.

I’ve become fond of not taking all the skin off the ginger just because I’m lazy, and I’ve got a much better blender now, so it really pulverizes this into tiny little bits so you don’t even notice it, texurally. In goes the ginger.

Gonna throw these frozen pineapple chunks in there next.

And now, three small sprigs of lacinato – otherwise known as dinosaur – kale fresh from the garden. FRESH. Get in there.

All that remains is a little bit of apple juice – half a cup. Because you don’t want it to be too liquidy. Alright, let’s blend this up!


Okay, simple as that! Ain’t nothin left to do now but pour it in a glass and drink it! This is the easy part.

Mm, mm. Mmmmm, lemony, zesty, delicious, aloe vera kale smoothie. Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Aloe Vera Kale Smoothie

  1. Roger Waters on

    Wow. I didnt know thats what aloe looked like inside. Thats one badass blender, whats it called and where can you get one? I’d like to know. Maybe you could tell us in your episodes. How long does dinosaur kale grow in tx before it starts to melt?
    Keep up the awesome blending.

    • Dear Roger Waters,

      It’s funny you mention that, as my next video is going to be a review of the Blendtec ES3 model. You can buy them at lots of places like Bed Bath and Beyond, and online at the Blendtec website. You could just click on the link at the bottom of this page in fact!

      I think kale is not happy about Texas summers, but as long as you water it regularly and it doesn’t get full sun all day, I think it could last. Don’t quote me on that.


  2. Tami on

    I noticed you always take the kale off the stems…for extra goodness of fibre, you should try leaving them on once…shame to watch good fresh garden fibre go to waste!

    • Hi Tami,

      Yeah, I always remove the stems mainly because of the more concentrated bitterness therein. I have no problem with anyone else leaving them in, but personally I like to leave them out. Thanks for writing!


  3. This recipe is wonderful!
    I even got my three kids to drink it – really zesty and fresh!

    FYI – Another use for aloe Vera. Is to skin it, as you do in this recipe, then rinse off the yellow sappy looking stuff (it’s good for treating skin cancers, not necessarily for eating) and then pop the aloe jelly whole into a jug of water. Let it soak overnight in the fridge and it’s an awesome drink to wake up to the in the morning – lots of B vitamins, I’m told. It really gives you a boost. You can top up the water for three or four days before the aloe needs replacing.

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