VIDEO: Chocolate Milkshake Kale Smoothie Recipe

Chocolate Milkshake Kale Smoothie
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Serves: 1-2
If you like chocolate shakes - and really, who doesn't? - but don't like their nutritional values, then you'll love this kale smoothie recipe. Best of both worlds!
  • 1 cup of ice water
  • 1 cup of cashews
  • 1 banana
  • 5 dates
  • ¼ cup cacao powder
  • 2 leaves kale
  1. combine all ingredients into a blender, blend, serve, and enjoy!

One thing

I forgot to mention in the video above is that cacao powder isn’t some weird healthfood substitute for chocolate; it is crushed up, cold-pressed cacao bean, which is the very same stuff that chocolate is made from! So this technically, really is a chocolate shake. Only thing is, you have to sweeten it yourself, which I have shown how to do with dates.

Another thing

The original recipe in the book I mention calls for chicory greens instead of kale, but I couldn’t find them in my local grocery store, PLUS this is a site about KALE smoothie recipes, so whatever! Allegedly chicory greens have a coffee-like taste, which makes them compatible with the chocolate flavors. Maybe I will try that someday if I can find some chicory greens, but this combo tastes pretty dang good, so try it!

Oh, and plus:

There is no milk in this recipe. It just tastes like a milkshake, is why I call it that.

One of these days (when I can afford it) I’m going to get a Blendtec blender, but for now my trusty CBT-500
is just gonna have to do the job.


Hello, and welcome back. Today we’re going to make a chocolate shake kale smoothie. I call it a chocolate shake, but it’s actually cacao powder and some other things put together in a kale smoothie combination, that tastes SO DELICIOUS – and un-healthfood-drink-like – that you will think you’re drinking a chocolate shake.

This amazing book I recently discovered, called The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Green Smoothies
and it’s by this guy Bo Rinaldi, who’s got an amazing ability to combine ordinary ingredients that are really good.

This one has some ingredients that aren’t so ordinary – like you’ll have to go out and buy cacao powder, specifically – but it’s real good, and … am I ever going to get to the end of this? (laughs)

Yeah! Let’s go! Let’s make it!

Ok: Ingredients run-through:

We’ve got: a cup and a half of ice water, 1 cup of cashews, a banana, some dates, cacao powder, and kale leaves – kale!

Alright, first thing we’re gonna do is peel this banana. Not the happiest-looking banana, but it’s okay.

Let’s throw in these cashews, put in a couple of dates – even though they say they’re pitted, I always double check (you’d be surprised how often you find a pit.

Let’s do a 1/4 cup of cacao powder – there we go.

And we’re gonna throw in this cup and a half of ice water, and blend that.

Give it a little taste. Tastes pretty good; not that sweet.

And Finally, our kale. Let’s taste it again – not bad – I think it could stand to have a couple more dates, though. Let’s try three more.

You’ve gotta blend it up real well to make sure all those date fragments are evenly distributed, so that it’s sweet all the way through.

Let’s try it again… MUCH better. Ok – we are done.

Put that in a glass, and DRINK UP. ENJOY!

Okay, so I hope you enjoyed watching this video, and I hope you enjoyed the amazingly, surprisingly delicious flavors of this chocolate shake kale smoothie recipe, and if you enjoyed it, lemme know! Otherwise, I’ll see you in the next time!


  • cup and a half of ice water
  • 1 cup of cashews
  • a banana
  • some dates
  • cacao powder
  • and kale leaves – kale!


Put all ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth. Enjoy!

9 thoughts on “VIDEO: Chocolate Milkshake Kale Smoothie Recipe

  1. I loved this recipe, but tweaked it a bit. I didn’t have any cashews on me, so replaced them with crushed almonds and almond milk. I also tossed in two handfuls of blueberries. That was all the sugar I used (the almond milk was sugar-free) and it tasted great!

    • CJ,

      Thanks for telling me about how you tweaked the recipe, I’ll bet it was awesome! I’m always amazed by how much latitude there is in what you can add and subtract from smoothies, and have them still taste amazing. Keep it up!


  2. Niki on

    What do dates taste like? I make Kale smoothies all the time but never put dates in them. I use cacao powder a lot to make it chicolately.

    • Hi Niki,

      I was vexed by how to describe how a date tastes until I googled it and found this article (, which I feel sums it up well. Paraphrasing what she said, “a date tastes like a cross between a fig and a prune, that’s been soaked in a barrel of sugar.” I don’t know if I could describe it better than that. Why don’t you try one and tell me what you think it tastes like?


  3. I’ve read through some of the smoothie recipies and they all sound so good, but I have a problem since I cannot use bananas due to an allergy. Do you know of a good substitute? Thanks.

    • Hey W,

      I always use bananas because 1. I like the taste, 2. they make the smoothie “smoother”, and 3. they make the smoothie sweeter.

      If you’re allergic, obviously you must leave them out. To accomplish the things listed above, I’d suggest perhaps greek yogurt, tofu or more frozen fruit. Let me know if any of those ideas work for you!


      • Try … avocado, diced apple or applesauce, or … surprise guest appearance… frozen/then thawed/mashed cauliflower! If and when bananas are an issue, or even of they are not — these actually work well. I’ve had a food sensitivity to bananas for years. Each of these substitutes is a little different, but after browsing various raw food and paleo recipes you will definitely find which way to tweak this for your tastes

        • Hi Elli,

          Thanks for the very valuable suggestions! I am going to have to try that cauliflower idea, it substitutes for bananas, huh? Pretty cool.

          Thanks for writing,

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