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  1. Kale Smoothie Recipes Fan on

    I’ve been looking everywhere for a good site with kale smoothie recipe information. Having a hard time not making it taste nasty!

  2. Maheesh Fahrbattwatt on

    This is most helpful. For the longest of seasons have I been searching for a way to make my neighbors kale garden benefit me. The fence is very low. My blender has never been so pleased. Not to mention my happy tastebuds. Its the most interesting way to have a healthy boost in the morning hours. Thank you Mister Smoothie man. I wish more blender prowess upon you.

  3. Helena on

    Love the recipes. My father-in-law grows kale in his garden so I have a heap in my fridge at the moment so I was looking for a better way to use it (apart from just adding the leaves to my pasta sauces). I’ve also been looking for a healthy lunch alternative. Your blog has given me some great ideas – can’t wait to start experimenting 😉

    • Helena, I’m so happy to provide ideas which you think are good! I love experimenting with different flavor combinations. Let me know if you have any suggestions, I’m always trying to improve. Would a post on how to keep kale fresh in the fridge be useful?

  4. Theresa on

    I would love to see an article on how to keep kale fresh in the fridge!

    I just discovered your site and can’t wait to start trying your recipes. Thanks for sharing them.

  5. CockatooQueen on

    Thanks for sharing your recipes and tips on this hot topic in the foodie world ;> I started the Clean Detox Diet last week, and was seeking more variety for smoothie meal replacements. I’ve tried several of your recipes, and they were all kind to my taste buds and digestion.

    Your advice on removing the kale stalks was the tipping point for me to use this ingredient. I had no idea that the stalks caused kale’s “blech” taste, no matter how I prepared it previously. How did you arrive at kale being your premier ingredient?

    • Hey CockatooQueen,

      I have always loved kale in a savory context – soups, salads, sauteed, etc – but never considered it in a sweet context – much less for breakfast – until I started watching the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, wherein he talks about the many and varied benefits of drinking “kale shakes” every day. It was then that I got hooked, to the taste and to the way they make me feel.

      It makes me so happy to hear that you’ve tried several of my recipes; I definitely try to make them taste as delicious as humanly possible, each and every one.

      Yes, you must remove those stems! They are the source of the blech.


  6. Melissa on

    Came across your website yesterday and knew that I had to try my first kale smoothie. I pretty much just threw some fruits together and about 2 leaves of kale. Was terrified to try it at first since I’ve never had kale before and I’m not a big vegetable fan. Happy to report that all I taste is the fruit. Used pineapple which pretty much took over. Excited to keep trying 🙂

    • Hey Melissa,

      I’m happy to hear your successful report, keep going!

      Yeah kale gets a bad rap for being bitter, but if you know to de-stem it (reducing bitterness dramatically) and weigh the pros of its nutritional benefits and ease of preparation, it is a no brainer.

      Thanks for your nice note!

  7. Nicole on

    Glad I found this site 🙂 I’ve been making smoothies for a while now-trying to eat healthier, I have recently started adding spinach to my smoothies..its so good I just want to keep experimenting and my fiance and I have been trying a new veggie and fruit (ones we’ve never had before) each month so Kale it is!

    • Hi Nicole,

      Thanks for sharing – I’m always glad to hear of anyone experiencing a positive benefit in their lives from my site. Keep it goin!


  8. Thanks Paul for making this site accessible for the deaf/hard of hearing! Awesome transcripts! Being hard of hearing, i could never ‘hear’ videos – i really really appreaciate it! Your smoothies are awesome – i’m trying a new one every day! 🙂

    • hey Orsi,

      You’re quite welcome! I’m happy to hear it directly from someone who benefitted, thanks!


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