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This is my review of the Blendtec ES3 Blender. This is by far the finest blender I have ever used, and I feel lucky to own it and use it every day. My parents gave me this one as a Christmas present, but if you are in the market for a blender I would highly recommend this one.



Hey there, and welcome to my review of the Blendtec ES3 Blender.

I got good news and bad news: there’s a bunch of things I like, and a couple of things I don’t like. I’ll go ahead and start with the things I don’t like.

First of all, the price – it’s a little prohibitive. The cheapest Blendtec you’re probably gonna find is like $400.

The other thing I didn’t like about this blender (at first) was that it seems intimidating. It’s kind of complicated, like “what do all these buttons do, and stuff?” I had to read the manual and be like, “woohbuuuhhbmmmubuuuhhhh,” but once I figured it out, I couldn’t believe how great it was.

Alright, so here’s all the things I love about this blender:

#1. AUTO MODES: It’s got these wonderful, pre-programmed blend modes in here, where you just hit one button, and it starts and stops by itself, which assures consistent blending results.

The other thing it does is the motor speeds up and then slows down to let all the food settle, and then it speeds up again! That was a little confusing at first, but the auto modes are awesome.

#2. POWERFUL MOTOR: It’s got a very powerful motor – you can put anything you want in there and it’ll blend it.

#3. EASY TO CLEAN: The third thing I like about this blender is that it’s super easy to clean! There’s no dissembling of blades and washers and rubber parts and stuff, it’s just: jar, lid.

#4. SIMPLE BLADE: The fourth thing I like about this blender is its patented, wing-tip, two-prong, stainless steel blade design.

One thing that’s really weird about it is that it’s not even sharp to the touch! Like, you could touch it all day long and you won’t cut yourself, which makes it easy to clean, of course.

Some miracle of engineering, the way they built this thing, the way the blades are angled makes it just crush and power through anything that you wanna blend in here really effectively.

#5. SQUARE JAR: The fifth thing I love about this blender is the jar. It’s square!

It’s made of super-durable, resilient, BPA-free plastic, and the square jar creates a better vortex than a circular jar, which is what most other blenders have.

So, that’s my review of the Blendtec ES3. If you agree or disagree, feel free to weigh in in the comments below, and thanks for watching!


I’m going to be writing a kale smoothie ebook pretty soon, and I was curious about what some things you’d like to see in a kale smoothie ebook would be.

I’ve got some ideas, but I just wanna make sure I use all the cool ideas I can find.

Alright, so that’s it for my review of the Blendtec ES3, I hope you enjoyed it and thanks for watching! Take it easy!

9 thoughts on “Review of Blendtec ES3 Blender

  1. Dustin on

    Obviously your parents did some investigating in their gift shopping, & the ES3 being a powerful and professional machine. I’m wondering if you had any other blenders you were considering? I was looking in to Vitamix machine then found blendtec. Any thoughts?

    • Hi Dustin,

      I pretty much had my heart set on a Blendtec, but I would have gladly accepted a Vitamix as well, because I’d never used either before, and thus I hadn’t developed a preference. However, I knew I needed something better than my Cuisinart, as it simply was not strong enough to keep up with my frequent smoothie blending activity. Like you, I was actually looking at both Vitamix and Blendtec machines too, until I was surprised by my parents’ generous gift of the Blendtec. Ever since then we’ve been inseparable. I would be interested to do a test between the two, but at the same time I’m so content I don’t care all that much. 🙂 Thanks for writing!


  2. Ken Harmon on

    I have owned both a Blendtec as well as a Vitamix. I love them both and find it amazing how they both chew up most everything you put in them. They are amazing for making soups, which if you run until it steams the friction makes a great cup of hot soup.

    I do prefer the Blentec as you can wash the jar of the Blendtec in a dishwasher
    . Vitamix does not recommend it. Also, I found the lower profile of the Blendtec to fit in the fridge and other limited spaces easier then the Vitamix. The extra jar I bought for the Blentec was much less than the extra one I bought for Vitamix. But both are excellent at taking everything you throw in it whole and blending it in seconds to be what you want it to be.

    But that being said I would never be upset if the Vitamix was my only choice. It’s an awesome machine. I believe either is the first real investment a person would want to add to their kitchen. I use mine ever day, a few times a lot, and can’t imagine not being able to blend so perfectly. If your serious about healthy eating find a way to purchase one of these.

    I would give these as my first real good gift to someone I cared if I had the money.

    • Hi Ken,

      No way, that is so interesting! I had no idea that if you just let the blender keep going it will heat up the soup, but that makes total sense. Thanks, I’ll try that!

      I haven’t owned a Vitamix, but those are all great insights and I appreciate it. I agree that if one wants to reliably blend things well, quickly, and frequently, that one must – as you put it – find a way to purchase a higher-grade blender. The Cuisinart I had before this one just wasn’t up to the task the way my Blendtec is.

      Thanks for writing!

  3. Rose Perrone on

    I don’t have an awesome blender like this, so I freeze the kale before blending.

    • Rose Perrone on

      Also, because my blender is the inferior sharp-blade variety, I let frozen fruits like pineapple chunks soften a bit before blending to go easy on the blender.

      • Hi Rose,

        Believe me, I know how it is, not having an awesome blender – just look at my first several videos! Freezing kale is a great idea, as is letting frozen fruits soften a bit before blending. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Hello-I would love to hear when you have new Kale Smoothie ideas as well as to receive your Kale Smoothie E Book, when it is available. Keep up the good and healthy work!


    • Hi Lorie,

      I am very happy you are looking forward to my ebook – I want it to be really useful and informative. I will hopefully be releasing it within the next month. Thanks for your support!


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