VIDEO: How to Make an Avocado Banana Kale Smoothie Recipe

Avocado Banana Kale Smoothie
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Serves: 1-2
How to make an avocado banana kale smoothie with dates!
  • 2 bananas
  • 1 cup ice water
  • 2 leaves kale
  • 1 avocado
  • 2 dates
  1. put all ingredients into blender, blend and enjoy!
  2. remember to put the avocado in last, so it doesn't get too frothy.



Hi, welcome back.

This smoothie was inspired by a photograph that I saw on Pinterest that was just a really beautiful composition of kale, banana and avocado, suggesting that it would make a delicious smoothie.

It wasn’t a recipe per se, but I made it into one, and made it, and it was pretty good! I mean it was REALLY good. (It was good.)

I hope that you enjoy it too! And let’s make it! I’ll show you how.

Alright, we’re going to make probably the most basic kale smoothie recipe that I’ve made yet, with the fewest ingredients, that is simply: kale, avocado and banana. And that’s IT.

I do have some dates on hand in case things get weird and it doesn’t taste sweet enough – and I want it to be more smoothie-like – but for now we’re just gonna try putting in these ingredients, and seeing what happens.

Alright, let’s start off with one banana. And we’ll put in two bananas – banana: second.

Let’s see… I think we should probably put in some ice water, actually. We just need a little bit of water because we don’t want it to be complete mush. Okay, so that was like, a cup of water and ice.

Now instead of putting the kale in last, we’re going to put it in second, because I know from prior experience that the longer you blend an avocado, the less drinkable it gets and the more, kind of, solid it gets.

Let’s just try this. Okay let’s see what that does. Aw, yeah: kale and banana!

Let’s add some avocado! See what happeeeennnnnsss! Alright. Avocado hands…

Okay: moment of truth. Let’s see here. Wow, that’s pretty good! Interesting. Hmmm.

Alright: I can’t resist: I gotta throw in a date or two, just to see what it would taste like if it were sweeter.

Dude. That is delicious! Okay! Successful experiment: accomplished!

Cheers, Drink it up!

Okay, thank you for watching this video, I hope you enjoyed it. I know it’s incredible that avocado would be good with banana and kale and dates, but you know what? Magic happens when you put things in a blender, as I’ve shown you.

So, lemme know what you thought, and I’ll see you next time. Bye!

15 thoughts on “VIDEO: How to Make an Avocado Banana Kale Smoothie Recipe

  1. Sarah on

    I never knew that the avocado became more solid the more you blend it, that certainly explains a few things! I started using green tea to thin my smoothies and make them more drinkable, the results have been great! Tazo’s Zen tea has a bit of mint in it that really perks up the recipes. I add a little bit of honey when I brew the tea (I do a big batch at the beginning of the week so I can just add it to my smoothies easily when I make them) and that gives just enough sweetness to the veggie based recipes. Banana, Kale, Avocado is definitely one of my favorites. Kale, carrot, blueberry is a good one too (I add some plan non-fat greek yogurt to that for protein and consistency). Thanks for the recipes!

    • Hm, green tea instead of water or apple juice, good suggestion Sarah, thanks. Yeah I actually tried subbing mint tea for apple juice a few smoothies ago, and was surprised that it didn’t taste terribly minty. The flavor was more of an overtone than what one expects from fresh mint leaves. But I digress.

      Excellent idea also of making a big batch at the beginning of the week! Since I had only brewed enough tea for that one smoothie, I didn’t have the patience to wait around for it to cool off in the refrigerator, so I just put it in the blender and then added ice to cool it down, which watered-down the flavor. Seems obvious in retrospect, but while experimenting sometimes you don’t think things through. I’m going to use your suggestion of brewing a big batch of mint tea tomorrow, and see if I get better results this coming week! I will add some honey too, also a good tip. You’re full of good tips!

      Is your kale/carrot/blueberry/greek yogurt recipe just those ingredients, and is the carrot actual carrots or carrot juice?

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  3. Katrina on

    Hey Paul, just come across your site and LOVE IT!!! Thank you for the time and effort you’ve put into it (I own a skin care website and know the work involved :).

    I was searching for Kale smoothie recipes after listening to a lecture by Drew Ramsay, who is a psychiatrist and does a lot of work with diet and brain health, he is obsessed with kale. You might like to check him out if you haven’t already as I’m sure you’ll find it interesting as I did 🙂

    Love the smoothies, better than juicing IMO as the fiber and other goodness isn’t discarded. I’m stocking up on kale and more tomorrow and will being the blender love!!

    Thanks again, I really just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your work 🙂

    All the best!

    • Hi Katrina,

      Thanks for the nice words! Yes, it’s a lot of work but it doesn’t feel like it because it’s so fun and interesting for me. Not only do I get to share healthy and positive vibes with everybody who sees my site, but I also get to push myself to try new flavor combinations all the time, and I get to practice my website building and video editing skills. It’s just good all around. I appreciate your appreciation!

      I haven’t heard of Drew Ramsay but I’m going to look into it. What is your skincare site?


  4. Just got on the kale-train & am giving these smoothies a shot. Tried this one & added a little pure maple syrup as I didn’t have any dates. Good stuff!

    • Hi Matt,

      I love maple syrup, and I’ll bet it is a really good sweetener for kale smoothies. Maybe I’ll do a Vermont-themed kale smoothie sometime. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


  5. Nichole Vallely on

    This is a delicious smoothie. I made a few changes and it was still yummy. I only wanted enough for one drink, so I did half a banana, one kale leaf, half an avocado, 1/4 cup Greek yogurt, 1/2 cup water, one tablespoon flax and one scoop organic vanilla whey. I think next time I’ll use two leaves of kale and cut the avocado down to a quarter, strictly to get more benefits from the kale. The vanilla whey was the perfect sweetener. Thank you for this recipe!

    • Hi Nichole,

      Hey, I’m glad you liked it! Sounds like you have quite a good improvisational outlook yourself, which is what you need if you want to keep things interesting in the kitchen when making smoothies. Keep up the good work!


  6. Dianne Nunes on

    Hi Paul,
    Thanks heaps for this simple recipe 🙂 It’s nice to come across one when you’re almost guaranteed to have all the ingredients ready to go.. Can’t wait to try more Kale smoothies.

    • Hi Dianne,

      You are welcome! Hearing people say they like the recipes is reason enough, for me to make this site. Glad you had the ingredients on hand, and enjoyed the avocado banana smoothie!


  7. Denise on

    I wasn’t sure how this would turn out. I added fresh lime juice. It’s very refreshing! I will also try green tea and honey next time.

    • Hi Denise,

      Thanks for sharing that you liked the flavor, despite your skepticism! 🙂 I’ll bet it was even better with lime juice. Mmm, green tea and honey…


  8. Edith on

    We got a large bunch of kale in our CSA box and are due to get more so I was looking for green smoothie recipes using kale. I found yours and am quite delighted with it! I made the avocado and banana recipe this AM. I had an avocado that was getting a bit soft. Great smoothie! I plan to try lots of the other recipes as well. I am fortunate to have a Blendtec blender which handles anything I put in it.

    • Hi Edith,

      I’m happy you enjoyed the avocado banana recipe so much! I try really hard to make sure the recipes taste good before I post ’em to the site.

      Blendtecs are great, I agree – they just make life so much easier. Thanks for writing!


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